INVOcell and Educational Content for Fertility Center Websties

By Griffin Jones

We can expect this type of headline in fertility news to be the new norm: Simpler, less expensive infertility treatment gets FDA green signal.  For a patient researching infertility online, this is attention-grabbing. The first thing most patients search for on a fertility center's website is IVF cost. On page 18 of the free e-book, Digital Marketing for Fertility Centers, we look at the dominance of IVF cost in search behavior.

No one looks forward to paying twelve thousand dollars for an IVF cycle. Anything that promises to reduce my expenses and give me the desired result is worth at least some of my attention. The only problem is, how can Nasdaq explain to me the difference between a revolution in assisted reproductive technology (ART) and a sales pitch? For this, I really need the advice of my RE. If I am still deciding on an RE, this would be very valuable information on their website. Here are questions for your fertility center to answer on your website or blog:

  • Will you/have you used the INVOcell procedure in your clinic?
  • Why or why not?
  • What does INVOcell involve that IVF does not and vice-versa?
  • Will treatments like INVOcell really reduce treatment costs for patients?
  • What do people struggling with infertility need to be aware of when new devices, treatments, and medications come to market?

As a rule of thumb, keep your eye out for any infertility headlines that discuss cheaper and easier treatments. Your current and prospective patients research this information online, but you are much more qualified to answer their questions. Writing a blog post about each development as they appear in the news will help your fertility clinic's website attract more new patients as well.