• Skyrocket your fertility practice's growth

  • Double your ivf cycles

  • Delight your patients

Instantly download the most comprehensive e-book ever written about how to market a fertility practice and acquire new IVF patients, The Ultimate Guide to Fertility Marketing. Click here to jump to what physicians have said about the book.

"The Ultimate Guide to Fertility Marketing is a must read for anyone in a decision-making role at a fertility clinic. Griffin et al. have done a stellar job identifying the updated landscape of what patients experience and how their perceptions impact their medical choices. I would advocate for this book to be part of any REI fellowship curriculum in order to prepare new graduates to a dynamic and competitive field".
--Dr. Dan Nayot, MD, REI, Toronto

In this book, you will learn how to: 

  • Define your fertility practice's growth goals

  • Outline your objectives for IVF cycles and new infertility patients

  • Utilize social media to maximize word-of-mouth referrals

  • Gauge patient feedback

  • Increase IVF patient retention and satisfaction

  • Improve your fertility doctors' online reputations

  • Connect your practice to the world of mobile technology

  • Convert the highest number of visitors to your website into scheduled patients of your fertility practice

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What physicians are saying

β€œThe Ultimate Guide to Fertility Marketing is both insightful and informative. As physicians, we all strive to do the very best by our patients - it is what we spent years training to be able to do effectively. Part of that care is effective patient communication. Very little time is spent thinking about what you are communicating to patients when they are not in front of you. In the digital era we are constantly faced with the task of communicating with our patients - even non-communication can speak loudly. Understanding the world of online communication that we work in is an imperative skill. Going a step further and harnessing it as a tool as described here will allow us to more effectively achieve our primary goal - taking the very best care of patients.”

Dr. Jason Franasiak, MD, FACOG, TS (ABB), New Jersey

"Why should we care about this book?  Because the concepts that Griffin puts forth here will actually make you a better doctor.  You will be able to use digital marketing tools to communicate, educate and connect with your patients". 
--Dr. Serena H. Chen, MD, FACOG, REI, New Jersey