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Project Manager
Location: Remote

“We’re looking for an organized, creative, project manager to ensure the long-term success of our clients and help form the culture of our team!” Griffin Jones, Founder

About the Position
You will work directly with the founder as we continue to build Fertility Bridge into the team of marketers who are better than anyone on the planet at listening to people dealing with infertility. Your role is very multi-faceted and will continually evolve. You will oversee client and vendor facing operations in social media management, social media advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), copywriting, and design, to name a few. Your responsibility is to make sure all of the deliverables that are promised to a client in a project are delivered to the best of our ability. You help to make sure that we constantly exceed our clients’ expectations with everything we deliver. You are essentially an all-around handywoman or handyman that can help put the house together as we slowly and progressively add people in more specialized roles to our team. This could very well mean that your role becomes more specialized over time as well. You manage current clients, our team members working on their project, and politely keep everyone in harmony.

Who are you?
You are extremely organized, even-tempered, and respectful and have solid experience in internet marketing. You are also flexible and eager to play a creative role in the growth of Fertility Bridge as a company.

The tasks at hand for this role:

  • As a Project Manager at Fertility Bridge, you are responsible for executing the marketing services for which our clients have hired us.

  • You oversee our clients’ public relations efforts, writing, website development, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), paid advertising, design, web development, video, social media and others.

  • You are the point person between Fertility Bridge clients and designers, editors, writers, developers and other specialists.

  • You document and continually simplify operating processes that are not yet written (that’s right, in many cases, it will be you who invents our operating processes!)

  • You follow and help to continually improve operating processes that are currently in place.

  • You take ownership for the agreed upon deliverables in client marketing strategies, this means when a client forgets to send a piece of content, or a designer is late on a deadline, you follow up with them.

  • You break down what needs to be done for each client based on what is included in their agreement. You then set deadlines, assign tasks, and oversee to completion.

  • You read, report on, and adapt to analytics from Google Analytics, Facebook, and any other inbound reporting services we may be using for each client.

  • You are expected to be able to provide counsel, digital marketing ideas, or solutions to any online challenges that may arise.

  • We will teach you what you don’t know. It will be your job to continue to learn, improve and polish our processes.

  • You should be able to quickly and proactively assess short and long term client needs then translate them into actionable tasks and plans.

  • We’re a teensy tiny company and probably will be for a while. You will likely fill many of the roles that you also oversee.

  • Did I mention you are flexible? Because these tasks could change at any moment. So flexible!

The tasks at hand for this role:

  • As a Project Manager at Fertility Bridge, you are responsible for executing the marketing services for which our clients have hired us. Can you communicate easily, credibly, and pleasantly with anyone under the sun?

  • Do you have high emotional intelligence and are capable of delicately communicating with people struggling with infertility?

  • Are you at ease interfacing with other experts such as designers, coders, and writers?

  • Are you at ease interfacing with clients?

  • Are you able to respectfully communicate under the online personas of several different fertility clinics?

  • Can you observe, analyze, and understand the data from Google Analytics, Facebook, and other digital advertising reports?

  • Are you comfortable thinking through greater marketing and business objectives while still managing the day to day project management aspects of accounts?

  • Can you manage your own time effectively and work well with a team to make sure projects stay on schedule and budget?

  • Can you quickly understand and define what content fertility clinic needs to produce to become more attractive in their market?

  • Are you comfortable having courageous conversations with your boss to express your own concerns and feedback as well as receive them?

If you’re not sure about your answer to any of these questions, are you excited by the challenge of learning how to develop these new skills? If you answered "yes" to these questions, I want to meet you!

At Fertility Bridge, we are committed to deeply understanding the needs of people dealing with infertility, and knowing what clinics need to do to meet those needs. We live by our values.

Our Hiring Process
We’re excited to have the right people be a part of Fertility Bridge. Our process consists of several interviews, an analysis of your career history, and in-depth reference checks. We respect your time and appreciate your participation in our process. We want you to find the ideal position for your skillset and strengths.

How to Apply
If you feel you can contribute to a dynamic, growing company, please begin your application process by sending an email to with your resume, a brief cover letter, and which of our core values resonated the most with you.

Thank you for your interest in serving the infertility community through a creative, business-centered approach!