Should Doctors Become Media Personalities? An Interview with Dan Nayot, MD

In this episode, Griffin speaks to Dr. Dan Nayot. Dr. Nayot, an REI in Toronto, Ontario, has established a reputation as a media personality, thanks to his appearance on CTV’s “The Social” and his own show on YouTube, “Ask Dr. Dan.” Griffin and Dr. Nayot discuss the importance of finding your own platform and the importance of creating a five-star experience for each patient.

Technology: Will It Eat IVF? - An Interview with Bob Huff from Imagine Fertility

In this episode, Griffin talks with Bob Huff, the Chief Technical Officer of Imagine Fertility (, a software that seamlessly blends documentation with EMRs and a variety of third-party software solutions. Griffin and Bob chat about the impact that software with walls has had on everything from practice management to patient care and what the future holds for tech in fertility practices.

Is Public Relations a Hat Every Physician Partner Should Wear? An Interview with Dr. Lora Shahine

In this episode, Griffin chats with Dr. Lora Shahine about the importance of public relations and content creation. Dr. Shahine is an REI specializing in infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss at Pacific Northwest Fertility and IVF Specialists in Seattle, WA. She has written three books and many blog posts for outlets such as the Huffington Post, not to mention her social media presence. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram at @drlorashahine.

Is Face-to-Face Contact Still Relevant for Networking REIs? An Interview with Dr. Jason Franasiak

In this episode, Griffin talks to Dr. Jason Franasiak. Dr. Franasiak works with RMA of New Jersey, and he has joined Griffin to discuss the importance of professional networking. Even during his fellowship, Dr. Franasiak became an active member of professional organizations, and today he sits on committees for a variety of organizations, including ASRM and PCRS. Follow Dr. Franasiak on Twitter at @jasonfranasiakmd.

Setting Expectations between Practice Owners and New Doctors, An Interview with Holly Hutchison

In this episode, Griffin talks to Holly Hutchison. Holly and her brother, Dr. Scott Hutchison, operate Reproductive Health Center in Tucson, Arizona. Holly and Griffin discuss the importance of establishing key performance indicators to ensure that partnerships begin successfully and go the distance. Additionally, Holly and Griffin tackle the importance quality of life plays in their practice and the need to establish boundaries related to that early in a partnership.

How Can We Set Our REI Nurses Up for Success? An Interview with Monica Moore

In this episode, Griffin spoke with Monica Moore, a former nurse practitioner who currently consults with fertility practices around the globe from her home base in Florida. They discussed the topic of nursing staff retention, how to prevent burnout, and the importance of emphasizing employee engagement. You can reach Monica on Twitter @monicamoore422, on Facebook at Fertile Health Expert, or through her website,

The Disconnect Between REI Patients and Providers with Tracey and Sara from IVF Babble

In this episode, Griffin talks with Sara Marshall-Page and Tracey Bambrough, co-founders of IVF Babble ( about their online magazine and other efforts in the fertility community. They delve into the differences between an online magazine and a blog, the value that their site has for providers, their work with My Fertility Buddy (, what it means to have a pineapple badge, and much more!

The Use Of Social Media Amongst REs an Interview with Natalie Crawford

In this episode, Griffin talks to Dr. Natalie Crawford, an accomplished REI practicing in Austin, TX. Dr. Crawford (@nataliecrawfordmd) has successfully utilized Instagram as a tool for education as well as marketing; today, she has tens of thousands of followers who turn to her for information and connection. Griffin and Dr. Crawford speak about the role social media plays in medicine, and the ways that physicians can use social media to create a connection with patients and prospects alike.

How to Increase IVF Patient Retention an Interview with Dr. Alice Domar

In this episode, Griffin talks to Dr. Alice Domar, a psychologist and the co-creator or Ferticalm and Fertistrong apps. After many studies, Dr. Domar concluded that the infertility practices needed to become more patient centered care in order to reduce the dropout rates of those patients who have insurance. The number one reason for infertility patient dropout is stress. Reducing that stress can help patients to stay in treatment and then in turn help practices to keep business up.