What are competing fertility centers doing that we’re not?

You may need a Fertility Marketing System, or need to update your current system if you have come with any of these questions:

  1. What are we not doing that we should be? We know patient behavior, demographics and digital media are changing rapidly. We want to stay on top of it.

  2. How much should we invest in marketing?

  3. We just parted ways with our marketing director or clinic liaison. Should we hire someone to replace them or outsource our marketing? How are those roles allocated?

  4. We feel far behind on updating our website, social media, advertising, video or other content. Help!

  5. How do we enter a new market or address a new competitor?


How we’ve used the Fertility Marketing System to help fertility centers from around the world increase their IVF volumes, new patient visits, physician capacity, and satellite office bookings.


We have to see how your goals stack up against your competitors. Therefore, the first step in building your Fertility Marketing System is the Goal and Competitive Diagnostic. If you wrote an IVF protocol for someone before performing any kind of diagnosis, you could lose your license to practice medicine. The same should be true for marketers. Liken these services that we provide to you to those you provide to your patients.

  • Medical Records=Marketing History

  • New Patient Forms=Business Needs Profile (Goals, Annual Volumes by Procedure and Office)

  • Initial Consult with Both Partners=90 Minute Leadership Meeting

  • Chart Review=Competitive Analysis

  • Overview of Necessary Tests=30 Minute Leadership Meeting



  1. An overview of your competitors’ marketing activity

  2. A documented, monetized goal from which to build your Fertility Marketing System

  3. An annualized marketing budget

  4. One big marketing idea



  1. You love working with Fertility Bridge and you want us to craft the strategy to realize your goals (most common).

  2. You like working with us, but you prefer to move on and craft the strategy on your own or with someone else.

  3. You hate working with us and we give you your money back (hasn’t happened yet, but there’s a first for everything).


Before you proceed, however, there is a catch. Below are the necessary criteria for working with Fertility Bridge:

  • Your leadership team is willing and able to participate in the process (for smaller practices: practice owners and practice managers; for larger practices: certain partners, CEOs, and CMOs). We go to one point of contact later.

  • You are transparent in providing the required information for us to perform the Goal and Competitive Diagnostic (Business Needs Profile including previous annual volumes, marketing history and spend, goals).

  • You want to take action. We charge a fully refundable $597 to ensure that you are engaged in the process. We don’t care about $597. This is designed to filter out people who are not serious.

  • You understand that the Goal and Competitive Diagnostic is the first step of building a marketing system and does not include strategy and implementation.

  • The Goal and Competitive Diagnostic concludes 30 days from date of purchase, regardless of client's adherence to timeline.


Shall we begin?

No, we’re not ready to take action.

We still love you. We’d rather you be honest about that and come back to us when you’re ready to grow. To provide you with as much value as we can, here are three high-impact resources, absolutely free.

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Fertility Marketing

  2. The Fertility Marketing Blog

  3. Inside Reproductive Health


Yes, we’re ready to begin building the Fertility Marketing System

that will maximize our physician capacity, increase our IVF volumes, grow our egg freezing and egg donor program, augment new patient visits, and fill our openings at satellite offices.

Great! We can’t wait to talk with you. Click Purchase to get started.

NOTE: If you are not the executive or principal of a company or institution that serves the field of fertility, or are not open to growth and change, please do not proceed. Sorry, but we have to be selective in who we help.

Goal and Competitive Diagnosis Consultation
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