Infertility and Ovarian Cancer Risk As a Blog Post for Your Fertility Clinic

By Griffin Jones

As I mentioned in my post about how to come up with topics for your fertility center's blog, one of the best habits you can develop is to write about the latest news in the field of infertility. I am not suggesting that you re-post a link to a news article on your site. You can do that if you absolutely don't have ten minutes to write your own post, but I'm concerned with increasing your fertility center's search engine optimization (SEO), not that of

This article published yesterday, (October 29, 2015) for example, raises as many questions for prospective IVF patients as it answers. ASRM president-elect, Owen K. Davis, does a good job of explaining that the correlation appears to be between ovarian cancer and infertility as opposed to it being between ovarian cancer and ART. I venture that you can explain it even more clearly to your prospective and current patients. Here are some questions to answer:

  • What does it tell us that there was no increase in risk with increasing number of ART cycles?
  • What does it tell us that there was no increase in women undergoing ART for male factor infertility?
  • What should women diagnosed with infertility do in the interest of early detection of ovarian cancer?

Neither I, nor a reporter from the Huffington Post, are qualified to answer these questions. You are.  Adding your expert opinion as an RE provides valuable context to what may be complex research. As an additional marketing benefit, covering topics as these may increase your fertility center's chance of being found in a patient search.