The Top 10 Tweets from ASRM 2015

By Griffin Jones 

We've just wrapped up an excellent time at the 2015 meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) in Baltimore. It was my very first ASRM meeting, and the only thing I like more than meeting new friends is getting to see old ones. 

With so many tracks and sessions over the five day meeting, you couldn't be everywhere at once. But thanks to #ASRM2015's live tweeters, we had people keeping us abreast of what went on. Here are 10 of the most informative tweets from the meeting.

10). "IVF cycles w/older egg donors outcomes not much different from younger donors say McGill Univ docs"--ASRM

9). "The latest IVI study by our Dr. @DrGalliano_IVI at #ASRM2015 confirms: Freezing embryos does not affect prematurity or weight in newborns "-IVI Fertility

8). "New research says a high-fat diet, not just being obese, could impact #fertility in both men and women"--CCRM OC

7). "A new test for women undergoing IVF could help increase rates of conception by up to 75%."--Eleanor Stevenson, PhD

6). "Infertility can predispose women to ovarian cancer, but IVF does not add to this risk."--Dr. Richard Paulson

5). "Women with #PCOS could have an advantage concerning risk of osteoporosis. Post menopausal women are protected from bone loss".--Amy Medling, PCOS Diva

4). "Sperm shortage: Lots of demand, not enough supply."--Alanna Petroff, CNN Money

3). "Choosing the right words can reduce barriers to care."--Joseph Davis, DO

2). "There is still a lot of work to do in terms of access to ART Assisted Reproductive Technology"--Serena H Chen, MD

1). "#IVF & ART in the digital age- Resources like @resolveorg & @pre_conceive mean more help than ever before".--Dr. Shara M. Brofman

And of course I had to award honorable mention to Dr. Jason Franasiak and Dr. Juancho G. Velasco for best photo tweet from a lecture...

There were hundreds of tweets and I only chose ten of them. What did you hear at the conference that deserves to be on this list?