Building a full-service marketing firm for fertility centers from the ground up.

Our Mission

Fertility Bridge helps fertility centers attract and retain the right patients through business strategy and creative content.

We are accountable to each other, the Infertility community, the field of reproductive health, and our clients.

We’re motivated by doing meaningful, unique, and creative work that gets people to take action and pursue solutions with our clients instead of inaction or choosing the wrong fertility clinic. We’re more motivated when our clients are highly appreciative of our partnership and passionately collaborate with us. It is a grand slam when a patient tells us they had a baby after they sought treatment because of our strategy.

We filter our decisions by our core values as though prospective patients were in our strategy meetings, and if the outcomes will be right and effective for our clients.

We are headed toward being a media company and content platform where the Infertility community meets the field of reproductive health.

We want to be remembered as the best place our employees ever worked because we actually were who we said we were, and we gave real opportunities to people who longed for them, that they didn’t get elsewhere. We want to be remembered as the best strategic partners our clients because they could viscerally sense that we were always truly there for them.

In short, we provide creative strategy that gets prospective fertility patients to take action and make the best decision of their lives with our clients.

How we help fertility centers acquire new patients online

The communication gap between fertility centers and their patients seems to be widening, not shortening, as patients adopt to new communication technologies much faster than their practices. While we can't mask a flawed patient experience with internet marketing, we can leverage the excellent care provided by truly great fertility centers for better marketing than any advertising you could buy. 

  • Website copywriting

  • Local search/Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Facebook Advertising.

  • Social Media Community Management

  • Online Video

  • Online Reputation Management

  • Patient Surveys

  • Blog writing and editing

  • Mobile Optimization