Tia Gendusa and Lindsay Fischer, InfertileAF

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Lindsay Fischer:
On the surface, Lindsay might appear to be the easy case in the infertility community, birthing twins after one IVF transfer, but there's nothing surface level about her or her commitment to helping women find their power after trauma. She is not only an infertility survivor, but a domestic violence survivor, who - after ten straight years of trauma - is thriving as a best-selling author and a Principal and co-founder at InfertileAF.  Lindsay challenges the community to stop comparing surface levels and starting exposing souls with honest, open conversations that build community. 

Tia Gendusa Bio:
Tia is the outspoken voice for the non-mom after battling her reproductive system for six years. She is a miscarriage survivor and bulldog mama who vowed to accept her past and thrive in the next chapter of her life without children. As a Principal and co-Founder of InfertileAF, she believes all women are capable of owning their story to lead one Hell of a fulfilling, purposeful life with infertility.