These are the services we provide to turn people searching for fertility centers online into actual patients.




The average person has 338 friends on Facebook. But the number of people that the average persons talks to on the phone, sends direct messages to, our has semi-regular conversations with face to face is only 150. Fertility centers need to use Facebook properly in order to increase the number of new patients that come in through "word of mouth."


Instagram has surpassed Twitter to become the second largest social media network in the world.  Like Facebook, baby pictures and inspirational content are inherent to the platform. The popular #ttc (trying to conceive) hashtag on Instagram counts for more than 300,000 posts. Related hashtags, #ttccommunity and #ttcsisters account for more than 25,000 and 67,000 respectively. 


Many web developers and internet marketers try to play the short game of building websites based on the mechanics of search engines. This is a flawed strategy because Google (and Bing and Yahoo) consistently overhauls their search algorithm, ensuring that users find the information they are looking for. We write unique content, in your fertility center's voice, to answer the questions that patients are searching for. 


Patient reviews cannot be hidden. Search engines rank sites like Yelp, RateMDs, and Health Grades so highly because patients find tremendous value in the experiences of their peers. Ignoring reviews harms your fertility center's reputation because online interaction is part of the overall patient experience. We monitor and respond to all patient reviews with a protocol based on a professional but human tone. 


One of the greatest possible ways to lead a prospective patient to make a decision is with online video. Video can humanize your physicians, answer complicated questions about cost and success rates, and let the patient visualize her experience in your office. We hire only the highest caliber filmmaker in your area. Your cousin's wedding videographer won't do. To make prospective patients feel comfortable with choosing your fertility center, we need the very best.


How is a prospective patient to believe that your fertility center is at the cutting edge of reproductive science and technology if your website is more than a few years old? We'll give your website a sleek, up-to-date design that accurately represents the professional quality of your practice. 


More than 70% of all searches for variations of the word fertility come from mobile or tablet. This is up more than 15% from when I did the same search in October of 2014. If your website is not fully responsive, you will notice that your bounce rate is much higher from mobile and tablet visits. This means that more than half of visitors to your website are leaving your right away simply because the mobile version is aesthetically lousy. This is an easily correctable problem. 


Have you ever wondered if the blog post your wrote six months ago ever helped you bring in a new patient? You don't have to guess when you have software that helps you track how visitors to your website and social media channels become actual patients. You can track every single one of your online marketing efforts in real time to meet your practice's growth goals for the year. The platform that I prefer is called HubSpot.