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Dr. alan copperman

Building and growing an IVF practice can have numerous benefits for both the owners and the patients they serve. But growth can sometimes lead to loss of patient-focused care. On this episode, Griffin Jones, CEO of Fertility Bridge and host of Inside Reproductive Health, talks to Dr. Alan Copperman, Co-Founder and Medical Director of RMA of New York, one of the nation’s largest IVF centers. Together, they discuss how RMA of New York was able to retain their patient-focused culture while exponentially growing the practice. Their approach to delegating important tasks, understanding the “new” patient, and finding the right, compassionate employees has greatly contributed to their success today.


While outcomes are so important in the field of fertility, the patient journey can easily be lost. After going through his own journey, TJ Farnsworth founded Inception Fertility, a group of fertility practices across the country hoping to provide positive experiences for their patients. On this episode of Inside Reproductive Health, Griffin and TJ discuss the culture of Inception Fertility and how empowering your employees to be champions for your patients can have a meaningful impact on their experience. TJ also shares his thoughts on increasing collaboration between fertility clinics across the country and how that can mean success for everyone. 

barbara collura

Getting involved with a nonprofit organization can provide numerous business development benefits to your company or practice. But finding the right organization to get involved with can be a challenge. On this episode of Inside Reproductive Health, Griffin Jones talks to Barbara Collura, President of RESOLVE, the National Infertility Association. They discuss the benefits that RESOLVE can give to a business in the fertility field, but also the major benefits they provide patients seeking fertility treatments.


karen jeffries

With a journey as emotional as infertility, it can be hard for patients to take a step back and laugh at the process. On this episode of Inside Reproductive Health, Griffin talks to Karen Jeffries (or as you might know her, @hilariously_infertile), a fertility patient trying to help others through their journeys with a little bit of humor. They talk about her fertility journey and how it impacted where she is today. They also discuss how providers can better communicate with their patients and the importance of transparency.


Dr. jamie metzl

Preimplantation genetic testing has opened up a world of helping families have successful pregnancies. But when does the testing and selection of embryos go too far? In this episode of Inside Reproductive Health, Griffin talks to Dr. Jamie Metzl, author of Hacking Darwin: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Humanity. They discuss the implications of advanced technologies such as the future of embryo screening and gene-editing. More importantly, Dr. Metzl discusses the significance of understanding the coming technologies and how those in the fertility field can help prepare their patients and the rest of the world for these changes.

Eduardo Hariton, MD, MBA

The business of medicine is complicated and more often than not, the concept is split and managed by two people with different backgrounds and education. But what if they merged? On this episode of Inside Reproductive Health, Griffin talks to Dr. Eduardo Hariton, a clinical fellow at the University of California in San Francisco. While attending Harvard Medical School, Dr. Hariton also attended Harvard Business School, simultaneously earning his MBA. Griffin and Dr. Hariton discuss the merging of business and medicine and how new REIs can gain business skills while still focusing on what is important: the patient.

Rob taylor

There are lots of variables that make marketing to your patients a challenge. From age to regional differences, it isn’t an easy task and getting someone who understands both the world of marketing and the world of fertility can be beneficial. On this episode of Inside Reproductive Health, Griffin talks to Rob Taylor, owner of TD Media, another marketing firm helping fertility centers get results. They talk about trends they see in the world of fertility marketing, as well as some strategies that clinics, and physicians, can implement to increase their online presence, in turn, helping them reach their marketing goals.

Alex Quaas, MD

Fertility practices across the United States can vary greatly based on state mandates and regional culture. But think of the differences across the world--it’s hard to fathom! On this episode of Inside Reproductive Health, Griffin Jones and Dr. Alex Quaas give us a glimpse into (literally) the world of fertility. Having practiced in numerous states and countries, Dr. Quaas shares his experiences, diving into the biggest differences in care he witnessed in Europe and here in the USA.



Growing your followers on social media can be challenging, especially when your niche is focused on fertility. On this episode of Inside Reproductive Health, Griffin Jones, founder of Fertility Bridge, talks to Dr. Candice Perfetto, a board-certified REI working in Houston, Texas. Dr. Perfetto has grown her following on Instagram to over 10,000 followers and has seen the effort carry over into her practice. She discusses why she got started on Instagram and how she uses social media to build relationships with other practitioners and patients, both near and far. You can find Candice on Instagram at @candiceperfettomd.

Griffin Jones

We’ve flipped the script on this episode of Inside Reproductive Health and interviewed our esteemed host, Griffin Jones! Stephanie Linder interviews Griffin, founder of Fertility Bridge, and learns the mission of Fertility Bridge and why he chose to help the field of fertility. Griffin also shares his thoughts on who is doing well and what clinics could be doing to reach more patients and make their mark on the field as a whole.


Dr. Michael Levy

Deciding to expand your practice, either by acquisition or starting new, is an exciting time. But, adding new staff, physicians, and equity partners can come with a handful of problems. On this episode of Inside Reproductive Health, Griffin Jones, CEO of Fertility Bridge, talks to Dr. Michael Levy, IVF Director and President of Shady Grove Fertility. Shady Grove Fertility is the largest fertility group in America and has over 25 equity partners and almost 1000 employees. Griffin and Dr. Levy discuss the implication of having such a large staff base and just how they manage it, all while keeping the patient at the forefront of their culture.


gina bartasi

Increasing access to care has always been a topic of discussion in the fertility field. On this episode of Inside Reproductive Health, CEO and Founder of Fertility Bridge, Griffin Jones, talks to Gina Bartasi, CEO of Kindbody, a women’s health company working to increase access by sending out mobile clinics to reach patients closer to home. They discuss ways that other clinics can meet their patients’ needs, as well as the importance of giving partners and team members positions that match their personality.


Dr. Steven Katz

A malpractice case can be the end of an REI practice, and with IVF errors often making it into the news, the pressure to be perfect is high. Thankfully, technology aimed to reduce errors has grown. On this episode, Griffin talks to Dr. Stephen Katz, CEO and Founder of REI Protect, a company formed to provide risk management services and coverage for REI practices across the country. They discuss what can go wrong in an office or IVF lab, and, more importantly, how to protect your practice from errors.



Growing your practice is exciting and adding in new Physician Partners can mean a lot for both your business and your patients. But adding to your group of decision makers can be intimidating. In this episode, Griffin Jones talks to Dr. Louis Weckstein, Medical and IVF Director and Managing Partner at the Reproductive Science Center of the Bay Area in San Francisco. Dr. Weckstein discusses the importance of building consensus amongst Managing Physicians and three simple ways to help facilitate easier decision making.


marianne kreiner

Working from home has become more and more prevalent across all industries and is starting to catch on in the field of fertility. But how can working from home be beneficial and successful for both employee and employer? On this episode, Griffin Jones talks to Marianne Kreiner, Chief Human Resources Office at Shady Grove Fertility. Together, they discuss how implementing telecommuting in your office can boost employee retention, the importance of building culture with those who work from home, and how to appropriately set up telecommuting employees while following labor regulations.

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Episode 26 of Inside Reproductive Health is officially out! Get those 🎧 ready and settle in for a great episode.
In this episode, Griffin hosts Nicole Koczanowicz, the Vice President of Artisan Medical Solutions. Griffin and Nicole have an honest conversation about the delicate dance between a practice fully adopting a necessary change, to the EMR team adapting to the individual needs and workflow of each practice. After all, Wall Street and Silicon Valley both want your patients, but there is a plan, if you are willing to take action.
Listen here:
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In this episode, Griffin talks with Lindsay Fischer, best-selling author, co-founder of the Infertile AF Summit, and a member of the Trying-To-Conceive Community. Jones and Fischer discuss the importance of honesty and meeting patients emotionally through their individual fertility journeys. Her unique perspective on the patient experience can help practices build stronger relationships and, in turn, the TTC community as a whole.   

Connecting with your patients is an important part of the Fertility Marketing System. Take the first step in developing your practice’s plan with our Goal and Competitive Diagnostic. Learn more at


The world of fertility has grown and changed as the needs of families has changed. And now more than ever before, there are different populations seeking fertility care. In this episode, Griffin talks to Dr. Mark Leondires, a board-certified REI and the founder of Gay Parents-to-Be, about the various paths of family-building and how fertility clinics can provide personalized care to those with differing goals and needs.

Dr. Rhonda Zwingerman

In this episode, Griffin hosts Dr. Rhonda Zwingerman, a fellow OB-GYN and REI at the Royal Surgeons of Canada and an assistant professor of OB-GYN at the University of Toronto. Jones and Dr. Zwingerman talk about the factors shifting the entrepreneurial landscape for incoming REIs including the funding of fertility treatments, the recruiting of REIs, and the risks involved. Tune in to find out more!



In this episode, Griffin hosts Dr. Joseph Davis, a Reproductive Endocrinologist who saw the need for a fertility clinic in the Cayman Islands and brought his years of experience working in US clinics and his passion for global health policy to a country that never before had this field of medicine. Jones and Davis chat about the world of fertility past the borders of the United States, discussing not only the access to care issues in other countries, but also the traveling of patients from the US to other countries to seek more affordable options, find privacy, or simply relax during the process.


In this episode, Griffin Jones hosts Dr. Angeline Beltsos, CEO and Medical Director of Vios Fertility Institute as well as the founder of Midwest Reproductive Symposium International (MRSi). In the competitive climate of large fertility networks, Dr. Beltsos’ independent fertility center, Vios Fertility, has thrived, largely in part to implementing an intentional culture of transparency. Dr. Beltsos discusses how Vios is built on three important pillars: an unparalleled patient experience, early scientific adaptation, and robust and dynamic culture that starts at the head of the team and trickles down.


In this episode, host Griffin Jones chats with embryologist Shaun Reed. As the Embryology Technical Supervisor at Utah Fertility Center, Reed offers a unique perspective on one of the more mysterious parts of any fertility clinic: the lab. Jones and Reed discuss the future of embryology, the differences between millennials and the generations that came before, and Reed’s concerns about the lack of interest in innovation.

Nicole koczanowicz

In this episode, Griffin Jones hosts Nicole Koczanowicz, the Vice President of Artisan Medical Solutions. Koczanowicz’s focus on adoption and adaptation of Artisan’s EMR program to every practice has set Artisan apart. Jones and Koczanowicz have an honest conversation about the delicate dance between a practice fully adopting a necessary change, to the EMR team adapting to the individual needs and workflow of each practice. After all, Wall Street and Silicon Valley both want your patients, but there is a plan, if you are willing to take action.

Lisa Duran

In this episode, host Griffin Jones chats with Lisa Duran, the Chief Experience Officer for the Inception Fertility Network. Duran’s extensive experience in team-focused patient experience programs has led her to help clinics implement programs that impact the way patients and staff alike respond to the clinic. Jones and Duran discuss the changes in the field and how clinics can differentiate by creating a truly customized experience for patients.

Melissa brissman

In this episode, host Griffin Jones speaks to Melissa Brissman, an experienced attorney specializing in reproductive law. In addition to practicing law with a focus on reproduction for the last 21 years, Brissman also acted as her own attorney as she had twin sons and a daughter via gestational carrier. An advisor to a variety of organizations and an experienced keynote speaker, Brissman was the 2017 Advocacy Award recipient from Path to Parenthood. Today, Jones and Brissman discuss the differences between a contract and consent, the changes coming to fruition thanks to recent laws, and more.


lori whalen, R.N.

In this episode, host Griffin Jones speaks to Lori Whalen, a RN who currently works at HRC in Southern California as the international IVF coordinator. Whalen speaks across the country about topics such as compassion fatigue, so Jones invited her to discuss the intricacies related to international IVF as well as the ways to combat the compassion fatigue that often accompanies this high-pressure field.

valerie landis

In this episode, host Griffin Jones talks to Valerie Landis, a proponent and advocate for egg freezing who has not only documented her own journey of freezing her eggs, but works actively to educate young women about the advantages of freezing their eggs in their 20s. Jones and Landis had a spirited discussion about the pros and cons of egg freezing.


maya Grobel
Infertility advocate

In this episode, host Griffin Jones spoke to Maya Grobel, a licensed social worker and psychotherapist who focuses on working with people experiencing infertility; additionally, Grobel and her husband, Noah Moskin, created a feature-length documentary about their own infertility journey titled One More Shot. Jones and Grobel discuss her own personal journey as well as the need for education about embryo donation.


caroline harries
Infertility Advocate

In this episode, host Griffin Jones speaks to Caroline Harries, author and influencer in the infertility community. Harries’ blog In Due Time as well as her book of the same title reaches out to people who need encouragement during tough seasons of their life, and her support group, Moms in the Making, specifically reaches out to women at different stages of the infertility journey who are seeking support and encouragement. Jones and Harries discuss the place that Harries has carved out in the infertility community for people of faith as well as the importance of creating a continuously positive space within the community.

Dr. Nichole Barker &
Stephanie Fattal

 This week, host Griffin Jones speaks to a provider and their patient to get a perspective on the fertility journey from both sides. Dr. Nichole Barker, a board certified REI practicing in Tacoma, Washington, is joined by her patient, Stephanie Fattal. Dr. Barker speaks about her own infertility journey and how that changed the way she practices medicine, and Fattal discusses how it felt to work with a REI that truly understood the patient’s point of view.

Tia gendusa
Infertility AdvocatE/co-founder of infertile af

On this episode, host Griffin Jones talks to infertility influencer and advocate Tia Gendusa, the co-founder of the upcoming Infertile AF Summit on Saturday, April 27, 2019 in Rosemont, IL. Jones and Gendusa discussed the value of the infertility community on social media and in the blogosphere as well as the importance of recognizing that there is success to be found after infertility.

david sable, md

Today, Griffin Jones spoke to Dr. David Sable, who directs healthcare and life science investing for the Special Situations Fund in addition to acting as the portfolio manager for the Special Situations Life Sciences Fund and the Life Sciences Innovation Venture Fund. Dr. Sable’s deep background in reproductive medicine and his interest in entrepreneurship led to a fascinating discussion about the future of reproductive endocrinology and IVF, with a focus on the fear of a private equity takeover and the realities of the large population of underserved people experiencing infertility in America today. 

hannah johnson

In this episode, Griffin speaks to Hannah Johnson, Director of Operations for Vios Fertility Institute, which has branches in Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Louis. With a deep background in practice management, Hannah’s the ideal candidate to discuss the joys and challenges that come with working with millennials, as employees and as patients. Hannah appreciates their passionate approach to their work and recognizes that whether we like it or not, practices have to adapt their processes to suit millennials. Find her on Instagram at @habejo. 


serena h. chen, md

In this episode, Griffin speaks to Dr. Serena Chen, director of the division of REI and OB/GYN at St. Barnabus Medical Center and clinical associate professor at Rutgers and St. George’s University. Dr. Chen strongly advocates physicians embracing social media to maintain cultural competence; she and Griffin discussed how this commitment to connection helps doctors communicate with patients and how embracing advocacy can prevent physician burnout. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram at @drserenahchen.

Dan nayot, md

In this episode, Griffin speaks to Dr. Dan Nayot. Dr. Nayot, an REI in Toronto, Ontario, has established a reputation as a media personality, thanks to his appearance on CTV’s “The Social” and his own show on YouTube, “Ask Dr. Dan.” Griffin and Dr. Nayot discuss the importance of finding your own platform and the importance of creating a five-star experience for each patient.


bob huff

In this episode, Griffin talks with Bob Huff, the Chief Technical Officer of Imagine Fertility, a software that seamlessly blends documentation with EMRs and a variety of third-party software solutions. Griffin and Bob chat about the impact that software with walls has had on everything from practice management to patient care and what the future holds for tech fertility practices.


dr. lora shahine

In this episode, Griffin chats with Dr. Lora Shahine about the importance of public relations and content creation. Dr. Shahine is an REI specializing in infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss at Pacific Northwest Fertility and IVF Specialists in Seattle, WA. She has written three books and many blog posts for outlets such as the Huffington Post, not to mention her social media presence. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram at @drlorashahine.


Jason Franasiak, MD

In this episode, Griffin talks to Dr. Jason Franasiak. Dr. Franasiak works with RMA of New Jersey, and he has joined Griffin to discuss the importance of professional networking. Even during his fellowship, Dr. Franasiak became an active member of professional organizations, and today he sits on committees for a variety of organizations, including ASRM and PCRS. Follow Dr. Franasiak on Twitter at @jasonfranasiakmd.

Holly hutchison

In this episode, Griffin talks to Holly Hutchison. Holly and her brother, Dr. Scott Hutchison, operate Reproductive Health Center in Tucson, Arizona. Holly and Griffin discuss the importance of establishing key performance indicators to ensure that partnerships begin successfully and go the distance. Additionally, Holly and Griffin tackle the importance quality of life plays in their practice and the need to establish boundaries related to that early in a partnership.

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monica moore, msn, rnc

In this episode, Griffin spoke with Monica Moore, a former nurse practitioner who currently consults with fertility practices around the globe from her home base in Florida. They discussed the topic of nursing staff retention, how to prevent burnout, and the importance of emphasizing employee engagement. You can reach Monica on Twitter @monicamoore422, on Facebook at Fertile Health Expert, or through her website,

john storment, md

In this episode, Griffin talks to Dr. John Storment, a successful REI practicing in Louisiana. Dr. Storment talks about the potential pitfalls of accepting an offer from a private equity group, and how that can impact the way that you practice, as well as the importance of understanding the business side of your medical practice.


Tracey and sara from ivf babble

In this episode, Griffin talks with Sara Marshall-Page and Tracey Bambrough, co-founders of IVF Babble ( about their online magazine and other efforts in the fertility community. They delve into the differences between an online magazine and a blog, the value that their site has for providers, their work with My Fertility Buddy (, what it means to have a pineapple badge, and much more!

natalie crawford, md

In this episode, Griffin talks to Dr. Natalie Crawford, an accomplished REI practicing in Austin, TX. Dr. Crawford (@nataliecrawfordmd) has successfully utilized Instagram as a tool for education as well as marketing; today, she has tens of thousands of followers who turn to her for information and connection. Griffin and Dr. Crawford speak about the role social media plays in medicine, and the ways that physicians can use social media to create a connection with patients and prospects alike.

alice domar, md

In this episode, Griffin talks to Dr. Alice Domar, a psychologist and the co-creator or Ferticalm and Fertistrong apps. After many studies, Dr. Domar concluded that the infertility practices needed to become more patient centered care in order to reduce the dropout rates of those patients who have insurance. The number one reason for infertility patient dropout is stress. Reducing that stress can help patients to stay in treatment and then in turn help practices to keep business up.

rebecca flick

In this episode, Griffin talks to Rebecca Flick, Vice Presidents of Communications and Programs for Resolve, the national infertility association ( They discuss how the treatment of IVF and infertility as an industry has hurt patient advocacy and the ability to give access to people who may not have the insurance or out of pocket ability to go through infertility treatments. Rebecca explains how they are trying to change the internal viewing of fertility treatments by lawmakers and employers as a optional medical practice to one that anyone should be able to have access to. Griffin and Rebecca then continue to speak about how being a part of Resolve not only allows businesses to further influence the fertility community, but to give back to it as well. Also mentioned:


Robert Kiltz, md

In this episode, Griffin talks with Dr. Robert Kiltz, the founder and director of the first successful IVF center in Central New York, CNY Fertility Center. Griffin and Dr. Kiltz discuss the topic of who is really responsible for lowering the cost of fertility treatments. They discuss whether the responsibility falls on the insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, medical device, hardware and software companies, or the providers themselves. They then discuss Dr. Kiltz’s methods of becoming a successful fertility specialist that offers a lower cost treatment plan, creating a new market with new levels of accessibility and affordability.

Valerie libby, MD

In this episode, Griffin talks to Valerie Libby, a second year reproductive endocrinology and infertility fellow at UH Cleveland Medical Center. They discuss what millennial REI fellows want in the process of building their careers, such as mentors, work-life balance, and more business training, and analyze how the risk-averse nature of the medical field and an outdated business model keep fertility doctors from opening their own practices.


introducing the inside reproductive health podcast
season 1: 2019

We are launching a podcast called Inside Reproductive Health. Season 1 is underway and to say we’re excited is an understatement! We know there are podcasts out there for patients, but not as many for the providers, practices and industry experts. That’s why we’ve geared Inside Reproductive Health to all of you!