12 Blogs and Podcasts that Fertility Clinics Should Share with Their Patients

By Griffin Jones

I believe that the fertility centers who provide their patients with the most opportunities for information, connection, and community are those that stand to gain. One of the most common pain-points described by people coping with infertility is not having people in their social circles that can relate to their journey. 

For this reason, so many people have bravely decided to share their experiences online, and their content has become invaluable to couples and individuals struggling with infertility. Fertility centers can empower their patients by linking to some of this media on their websites, and even sending new patients home with a printed resource.

I've pasted the information below. To add your fertility clinic's logo and practice name, here is your free, customizable, word document for 12 infertility blogs and podcasts.

12 BLOGs and podcasts

Suggested and created by the #infertility community


You are not alone in your journey. Thousands of people from around the world share their experience in some form, online. You may find value in these different sites with content created by those experiencing infertility.


1.       Triumphs and Trials. www.triumphsandtrials.com Written and curated by Melissa, married with one child, struggling with infertility for nine years.

2.       Happiness Glass. www.happinessglass.com Infertility and fitness blog by Mallory, infertility warrior and enthusiast for solving problems.

3.       Life Abundant. www.lifeabundant-blog.com Active blog by Jessi, with posts about her treatment and experience.

4.       Smart Fertility Choices. www.smartfertilitychoices.com Resources and podcast by Kym, who both interviews guests and shares her own experience.

5.       The Delinquent Stork. www.thedelinquentstork.blogspot.com By Karen, RESOLVE’s 2015 award for blog of the year.

6.       Then Comes Family. http://www.thencomesfamily.com/community/#category-2 Online forum for couples and individuals coping with infertility.

7.       Hope and Hopscotch. http://www.hopeandhopscotch.com/personal/ First personal journal.

8.       Beat Infertility Podcast. https://beatinfertility.co/ Heather interviews both people dealing with infertility and experts in the field.

9.       RESOLVE Podcasts. http://www.resolve.org/resources/resolve-s-podcasts.html Archive of all of the podcasts from the National Infertility Association, with topics ranging from adoption to third party reproduction.

10.   Don’t Count Your Eggs. http://dontcountyoureggs.typepad.com//blog/ About the journey on “Infertility Island”.

11.   Waiting for Baby Bird. www.waitingforbabybird.com Faith-based infertility support blog by Elisha.

12.   Sincerely Emma. www.sincerelyskin.ca/emma Blog that includes discussion on loss and secondary infertility.


[Practice] does not contribute to, regularly check, or in any way endorse the viewpoints of these sites. This is simply a list of infertility blogs that others have found valuable.