What Every IVF Patient is Looking For On Your Fertility Clinic's Website

By Griffin Jones

The average IVF patient visits the websites of five different providers  before she makes her decision. So all other things being equal, your fertility center has a twenty percent chance of being selected. We can improve those odds.

The two most popular Google search combinations for IVF are IVF cost and IVF rates.

The two most popular Google search combinations for IVF are IVF cost and IVF rates.

If you want to convert more of these website visitors into actual patients, your site needs to be designed to help people make their decision online. Increasingly, people are making their financial decisions online before the first point of contact .

To convert website visitors to patients, we need to examine what patients are looking at when they are comparing fertility centers online. Take a look at your Google Analytics account. The most commonly viewed page for the websites of nearly every fertility center in the United States and Canada is, you guessed it, cost. Overwhelmingly, your cost page is likely the most viewed page on your website.

For this reason it is unwise to omit your IVF cycle pricing from your website. If you fail to provide patients with the information for which they are searching, they will find it from another clinic, which will potentially cause a drop in your search ranking.

The mistake I see most fertility centers make is that their cost page is exactly that: a page with the pricing of their IVF packages and nothing more. This is problematic for the practice because with only this information, the fertility center is competing with other providers on price alone. We can’t take for granted that prospective patients will click on the other tabs on our site and consider all of the other reasons why our practice is the best choice. We need to have other decision-impacting content on our cost page that benefits and influences the patient. For more complicated issues such as cost and success rates, online video is an excellent resource.